Public Sale of Tangent on the Ethereum Network (ETANG)

Type: ERC20

Max Total Supply: 942,477,795 ETANG

Price: 0.0000024224 ETH = 1 ETANG

Minimum buy-in: 0.2 ETH

Maximum buy-in: 2000 ETH

Network: Ethereum Mainnet

Sale period: 17-19th October Only (WBS Exclusive)

To purchase $ETANG send ETH (Ethereum) to the address below:

● ETANG tokens will be sent back automatically to the sending address
● Do not send less than 0.2 ETH
● Make sure you use your OWN address (which you have access to the private keys) and NOT an exchange address
● Mistakes cannot be refunded
● ETANG tokens will be exchangeable 1 for 1 for TANG tokens (Cardano Blockchain)
● ETANG tokens can be added to Metamask, to do so follow the instructions below

1. Open Metamask and click on the menu icon
2. Ensure you have selected the Ethereum Network on Metamask
3. Click on the “Add Token” button
4. Select “Custom Token” tab
5. Paste the following contract address into “Token Address” field:

6. Click the “NEXT” button Click the “ADD TOKENS” button. Done.