Tangent Protocol

Asset Name: TANG (54414e47)

Ticker: TANG

Finger Print: asset1pm727v4e3q6tlrclxh68cplv42mru67aepa3mc

Decimals: 6

Total Supply: 3141592650.000000

Tangent is a launchpad and farming platform for innovative NFTs backed by real world assets, and guided by the Tangent DAO. TANG is the governance token of Tangent.

Max Supply of $TANG //

three billion one hundred forty-one million five hundred ninety-two thousand six hundred fifty

3,141,592,650 = 𝛑

Tangent is a governance token.

Tangent provides no promise of share in revenue, earnings or any other form of income.

Tangent’s native tokens’ purpose is specifically to facilitate the governance of the Tangent Platform and its functionality.
The Economics section covers the Teams intentions however it may be the case that the specific mechanisms may need to be adjusted to circumstances that arise as the project progresses.

See full whitepaper for more information here.